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What are Tax Stars Saying?

Sometime in 2015 or so, 1 person gave a testimony, and then it caught on. They are unscripted and completely voluntary. No kickback were given to keep the integrity of the testimony. No bots or Ai generated voices. Real people with real life issues that got resolved. 

Tax Star Mobile, LLC focuses on finding solutions. Not dwelling on the problem. We empower clients with education and sinking the abyss of victimhood.

You will get homework. You will read. Goal setting is stressed. Accountability of choices will be reconized. Poverty cycles will be broken if the mindset is there. Not everyone comes back, but there are always 2 -3 people to take their place. Tax Star Mobile, LLC is not for those who are not ready to evolve. 

2019 Rolle
2019-2022 Hector A. (1)
2023 Dale from Davie, FL
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