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About Our Affiliates

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

To better meet the needs of our clients, we have comprised our affiliate team full of professional and knowledgeable people who are experts in their fields. 

The have agreed to

  • not offer products that are not useful for the sake of making a sale.

  • not to use pressured or aggressive sales tactics. 

  • to be forthcoming, honest, and willing to educate.

Meet Our Affiliates

Team Building !


At Tax Star Mobile, we believe in working smarter and not harder. Many of you, especially business owners, have received the advisement of not trying to wear all the hats. It is easy to try to pay each role of your household or business if you are a natural multitasker, but this takes your focus and eyes off your endgame causing you to take longer to reach your goals.


Although you should know the fundamentals, of different areas that pertain to your household or business, it is recommended that you stay in your lane at your level of expertise and HIRE YOUR WEAKNESSES.


At Tax Star Mobile, LLC, we like to partner with honest professionals who are experts in their field to better serve you.


Be ready to learn, and be coachable.

Youtube is not the end all for credible information regarding business, financial, or legal matters. 

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