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By law, Tax Professionals have to be upfront about their fees.  By law and Bank regulation, all fees associated with bank products have to be disclosed to the taxpayer before signing and sending off  of their tax return. Also, price gouging or charging a percent off your refund isn't allowed. Many offices don't like to be upfront about their pricing for various reasons, 1- they don't want to be undercut by competition looking at their advertisements. 2- They are basing prices off of your refund. 3- They have no set fee schedule and just charging you randomly. 

Tax preparation, as well as EVERYTHING DONE IN FINANCE, is unique to the individual. There cannot be a one size fits all price scheme. Most services have to be custom fit according to the needs of the individual or business. 

Below are the base rates for Business Preparation. They could be a little more, or a little less at your tax appointment, depending on your situation. 



$350 and up

Sole Proprietor

  • 1040

  • Sched C

  • up to 5 1099’s

  • 1 State Return



$400 and up


  • 1065

  • Upt to 5 1099s

  • No employees

  • Production of  2 K-1's

  • 1 State Return


$500 and up

S Corporations

  • 1120

  • up to 5 1099s

  • No employees

  • Production of 3 K-1's

  • 1 State Return

  • Up to 2 Schedules          


Tax prep and Quaterly rates apply


  • 1120 ,1120s, 1064

  • 940

  • 941

  • K-1's

  • 1 State Return

  • 3 schedules


Before you ask a tax preparer "How much can you get me," 1st ask about their qualifications and then inquire about their pricing. 


Business Formation

Please call to inquire about services

Add On's

$100 for Each Additional State Return

$60 for Each Additional 1099 over

$50 for Each Additional Schedule K-1


start at $250

Tax Debt Settlement (varies upon situation)

Audit Assistance ( starting at $350 + 10% of any tax balance forgiven)

                                 no fee if due to tax preparer error.

$100 per hour Accounting fee charged for putting books together, organizing files and receipts, creating financial statements for the purpose of tax preparation.

Booking Fee of $25

There is never any obligation to file with Tax Star Mobile. The $25 will be applied to your prep fee should you file. Should you decide not to file with Tax Star Mobile, the $25 will be kept to compensate for the time used to prepare your tax file and review your documents, or in the case of no call no shows. 

Travel Fee $30

A travel fee is an additional service fee for picking up/dropping off documents, to perform duties such as paperwork organizing, data entry, etc., or to go over business plans and set ups.


Cost will be an additional charge seperate from preparation services.

Late Fee $75
Please be advised that if you choose the bank product and the IRS intercepts your tax refund for any past due obligation (child support, State taxes, past due federal taxes, student loans, etc),  the balance for your tax preparation is still due. You will have 5 days to pay in full or  agree to a payment arrangement before you receive a late fee. 

Storage Fee $25/day

Tax Star Mobile, LLC is a paperless office and not a keeper of documents. Once your tax return is completed, you are expected to retrieve your documents within 5 business day. If not, you will be charged a storage fee of $25 per day. If you would like your documents mailed to you, postage rates will be charged as an additional cost. 

Copies and Postage

  • Electronic copy is free and delivered once tax file is completed. 

  • $40 for Paper copy of return via mail plus postage

  • $30 Overnight Check Fee. 

  • $40 for copies of previous years tax returns. $55 for Expedited Copies.


( You are responsible for printing out a hard copy or storing on a USB a copy of your tax return once you receive it. Tax Star Mobile,LLC will not be responsible if you leave it in your email and then lose it or delete it by mistake.)


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