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About Us

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

Reaching out to the community since 2012.

Tax Star Mobile, LLC. Your one stop shop for your financial needs. Tax Star Mobile, LLC is more that a tax preparation company. It is a one stop shop for community resources and financial education as well. Most tax prep offices don't really take the time out to explain the tax code or share tax planning tips with the clients. They just collect their fees and go. Here at Tax Star Mobile, LLC we go over your whole financial outlook as it pertains to your personal or business finances. The Goal is to make YOU a Tax Star! ! !

Educating clients is the first objective, and helping them save and grow their assets is our second. The GOAL is to work with clients to create tax-efficient strategies that will help them feel more confident in their financial future. By offering tax, accounting, and financial services, Tax Star Mobile, LLC seeks to serve as a one-stop resource for clients, whether they need assistance filing a tax return, building an investment portfolio, or simply have questions about how their taxes may affect their future retirement.

Our Story

Being one of the innovators of having a paperless office, Tax Star Mobile, LLC is a web based tax company based out of South Florida and has been paperless since inception. It developed from the demand to provide quality accurate tax preparation services and the convenience of having taxes prepared without having to spend hours in a tax office.

As an office manager at a Liberty Tax franchise, Soshani worked along side the owners who were both real estate investors exploring the tax and financial world for another source of possible income. They office didn't yield the results they were expecting, and so they sold the franchise to another franchisee who had his own crew. That left Soshani without employment. 

As a single mom of 2 children, Soshani decided to start her own tax practice form home. She visited her first client's home for the initial tax interview. He took a call and told the caller that he couldn't talk because he was getting his taxes done. The caller yelled.. " she came to you?" he responded yeah. Within the next 10 minutes, 5 people came to the house with their W2's. Thus, became the start of Tax Start Mobile, LLC. 

Never paying for advertisement, word of mouth promoted the ability to get your taxes done without having to take off from work or spend hours in a tax office. Posting tax facts, tips, combating the fraud people, and case studies gain the attention on social media, which attracted out of state clients. Tax Star Mobile, LLC became national. The mobility for out of state clients was utilized by the mobile app and client portal. 

Starting out as a single mother in the projects, Soshani wanted to learn the financial system in hopes to end the poverty cycles she observed in her family.  She went to Broward Community College and, later, American Intercontinental University. During the learning process, she would offer services such as resume writing, assisting with home ownership programs, Fasfa explaining, and helping those who didn't understand the personality test of the job application process that became a thing that overcomplicated attaining a job. This became a component of the tax practice as most clients vent their financial worries of personal situations during their tax interview. 

Helping clients understand their rights as tenants, employees and understanding labor laws, understanding their  child support documents, discovering fraud from previous tax offices, among other things was what separated Tax Star Mobile, from other tax offices. After the pandemic of 2020, the need for business owners to be compliant, fix business and tax structures increased as business owners couldn't understand why they were getting turned down for assistance or business funding.  Tax Star Mobile, LLC sought affiliates to better serve their clients with these needs. 

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