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Goal Setters

What Is a Goal?

A goal is generally defined as something that an individual or group is trying to achieve. People often set goals within a specific time frame so there is a deadline for completion. Both short- and long-term goals may need to be broken down into a set of tasks — doing so essentially turns one goal into several mini-goals. These tasks, or action steps designed to work toward a larger goal, are often referred to as objectives.

Procrastination Management

Use this Word worksheet to determine where procrastination might be getting in the way. This is essentially a worksheet to help you create strategies and set goals for dealing with procrastination so that you can work toward the goals that matter most. It’s also designed to help you evaluate the impact of your actions (or inaction) and the importance of certain tasks.


Financial Goals

Whether you want to pay off debt, save for retirement, or plan a future vacation, this template is designed to help you clarify financial goals, identify potential obstacles, and list clear action steps to help you succeed. Setting measurable goals and giving yourself a timeline will make it easier to create a realistic action plan and track ongoing progress. 


Life Goals

Taking time to think through life goals is a great opportunity to assess what your most important goals are and how and when you want to achieve them. Use this template as a planning tool and reminder of your long-term vision. You can set objectives related to career, finances, and personal endeavors to translate your dreams into fully realized actions. 


Business Goals

 This Worksheet provides a quick overview that can then be expanded upon as you create action plans for different goals. Consider using this as a communication tool to include in presentations, team meetings, or monthly reports. this business goals setting template to quickly identify top priorities, short- and long-term goals, and issues that need to be addressed.

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