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The Importance of ORGANIZATION

No matter how disorganized you think you are, you will have some sort of a system system in place to help you find things when you need them. You know to keep the flatware in the kitchen (even if it isn't organized in a utensil holder), your toothbrush in the bathroom, and your towels in the linen closet (even if everything else ends up on the floor). It is hard and stressful to live without knowing where the stuff is when you need it, right?

Well Just like you have a drawer for flatware in the kitchen, that you open without thinking whenever you need a spoon to eat your oatmeal, you need a system in place that allows you to free your mind when you need to find important documents, at the same time, keep them easily accessible for when they are needed.

Lack of organization causes endless inefficiencies in your day to day, which needlessly deplete your energy and make you waste part of your time. TIME IS AN ASSET. ONCE YOU LOSE IT, YOU CAN'T GET IT BACK. Why do you think lawyers, personal trainers, accountants, and the like charge you for theirs? Because if the meeting with you is not productive, you have taken their time away from their business production hours and that costs time and money.

Something that amazing about most people is how much they are concerned about their economic expenses, but won't take the time out to get organized which contributes to that goal.

Financial success demands that you adopt an organizational system that will help you get rid of the junk drawers grocery bags, shoe boxes, cluttered emails, etc., and arrange and order your financial life. Once a system is in place, disorganization and procrastination will diminish, making it much easier for you to get out of debt, start saving for the future, and even create more wealth.

File Box with combination lock to keep all

your sensitive documents safe.

How Does Organization Help you?

  • Organization will help you sort out complex emotional thoughts and feelings related to money.

  • Organization will help you make good spending decisions.

  • Organization will help you make good investment choices.

  • Organization will help you get out of debt - quickly!

  • Organization creates additional wealth because it helps you make the most out of the hard-earned assets you create through good long-term planning.

  • Organization also helps prevent you from getting charged fees for searching records or having documents resent out because you lost them.

  • Organization helps you to find the emails you are looking for when you need them (create folders).

Make it a Habit

Being organized is not a one-time event, it is a state that requires a sustained effort. This effort helps it to become a habit, so that you don't have to waste time thinking about it. You have programed your brain to do automatically. There's a place for everything, and everything in it's place.

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