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Isaac's Introduction

Updated: Feb 19, 2022

Isaac Mishkin has been a Tax Star for several years now. This year he has taken his journey from employee to entrepreneur. As a Service Advisor employee at one of South Florida's top producing dealerships, Isaac received raving reviews from his clientele base.

Isaac is a real people person and does well in service based industries. Taking this step to become an independent service provider is quite an accomplishment.

Congratulations ! Woo Hoo!

Currently, Ivan is a licensed medical insurance agent with United Healthcare. He can service public healthcare plans through the Market Place and private PPO plans. You can contact him via his website

Also, Isaac is also a an independent associate for LegalShield/IDShield for 1 year now. He is able to help individuals attain free health care directives, wills, POA's, and so much more.

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