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Anthony's Testimony

It is a G.O.A.L. at Tax Star Mobile, LLC to evolve clients from the societal programing of having a consumer only mindset or using their tax time as the ONLY time to review their finances or think of their refund as the ONLY financial holiday. We encourage all of our clients to have or set financial goals, act out of comfort zones, silence the ego to welcome the learning of new concepts and strategies, and to be PROactive, not REactive when it comes to taking charge of their finances.

One Tax Star has begun to shine brightly. Anthony Salters has been a Tax Star client going 4 years now. Anthony came to Tax Star Mobile, LLC as an employee truck driver for a food company. Starting from humble beginning, Anthony was making money more money than what he had been used to and didn't know what to do with the surplus. As with all Tax Star clients, it is explained that once you are stable and/or start making over a certain dollar amount it is time to make your dollars work for you and not you for them. We talked about the tax advantages of having an IRA as opposed to allowing money to sit in a bank account, how IRAs work, how to self manage an IRA, and how to utilize employee benefits and come up with an exit strategy from the employer.

Anthony became curious about day trading. He was the ONLY client that answered the Tax Star invite to go to a Stock Options training taught by millionaires back in 2019. From there Anthony enrolled in a Day Trading School where he graduated and went on to study to get his GED.

Once apprehensive about learning the terminology and the concepts - to knowing how to knowing how to read and comprehend financial statements, read a stock report, and how to catch on to trading patterns and behaviors. Anthony started making sustainable day trading earnings, and decided to use the exit strategy. He was able to leave his job in 2020 during the challenging time of the pandemic where many were losing employment. Anthony started hosting parties on the side, and word of mouth (the best form of advertisement) quickly spread. Anthony then turned his hobby into a business, Backyard Groove, LLC and signed up for the business legal plan offered by Tax Star Mobile, LLC.

Anthony's Testimony.

We are so proud of Anthony and all of his accomplishments. He is paying it forward and planting seeds into others and will be offering Day Trading Coaching soon. Who will be the next Tax Star? 2021 is just getting started. CATCH THE WAVE!

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