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IRS Commissioner Notice

At the IRS, we are soon going to be coordinating the delivery of Economic Impact Payments in the amount of $1,200 to every eligible American. As you know, things are moving fast in a most difficult environment and we want to get this right, from every perspective. I’ve long viewed “tax administration” as the responsibility of everyone on behalf of everyone else. In this regard, we believe the assistance of the NATP community is critical to the overall success of getting these $1,200 payments out to all eligible individuals.

The IRS has strong support from the national, state and local tax communities, general and tax-related media, state and local tax authorities, etc. However, we need to reach beyond our normal contacts to reach many lower income, non-filers, military, veterans, ethnic and homeless communities who are not in the system and might otherwise not step up to provide information that would enable the IRS to generate the payments on their behalf.

We need to mobilize these communities in a significant manner, with the full support of the IRS throughout. By early next week we will have specific information available about how people can go online to provide information (others could file an informational “zero” return) and, if they also provide banking information, they could receive their Economic Impact Payment quickly by direct deposit. Others, would receive a paper check.

We’d appreciate you thinking creatively and circulating the attached information and additional information we will soon be providing far and wide, and especially providing assistance in getting this information beyond our normal tax-related outlets. We need to spread this information quickly, into every local community - feel free to forward this email to your friends and colleagues. Thanks, stay safe and heathy! Best, Chuck

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