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(MBE) , (VBE), (WBE) Certification

What Is it?

MBE, VBE, WBE Certification can result in a marketing opportunity for your business to develop supplier relationships with larger companies. Certification also enables contractors to identify, quantify and report the extent to which they utilize MBE, VBE, WBE owned and controlled businesses as suppliers.

Minority Owned Business - Presumed Minority Ethnicities are any ethnicity or national origin identification that are non-Caucasian; Black Americans, Hispanic or Latino(a) Americans, Native Americans (Includes Native Alaskan and Hawaiian Americans), Asian Pacific Americans, Subcontinent Asian Americans.

Veteran Own Business - Able to prove service with the U.S. military. the veteran business owner must: be the Chief Executive Officer or in the equivalent position; be a U.S. citizen or have permanent resident status; be active in daily management; and has fulfilled SBA requirements for definition of a Veteran.

Woman Owne Business - the woman business owner must be: the Chief Executive Officer or equivalent position; be a U.S. citizen; and be active in daily management.

In order to be certified, the minority, woman, or vteran business owner must: be the Chief Executive Officer or in the equivalent position; be a U.S. citizen or have Permanent Resident Status; be active in daily management; and has fulfilled SBA requirements for definition of a,Presumed Minority, Veteran, or Woman in addition to the following:


A Presumed Minority owns one of the following:

• 100% of the assets of a sole proprietorship,

• at least 51.0% of the equity interests in a partnership;

• at least 51.0% of each of the classes of voting stock and 51.0% of the aggregate of all stock outstanding determined by the percentage that would be distributed to the veteran if the corporation was liquidated; or

• at least 51.0% of the membership interests in a limited liability company.

• 100% of the control of a sole proprietorship;

• at least 51.0% of the control of a general partnership;

• Minority, woman, vet owner is the general partner and, if there is more than one general partner, the managing general partner, of a limited partnership or limited liability partnership, or

• Minority, Vet, Woman owner is the sole manager, able to appoint unconditionally the majority of managers of a manager managed LLC or has 51.0% control of a member managed LLC.

If your business meets these basic criteria, you can proceed with the completion of the application. If your business does not meet these basic criteria, it is ineligible for certification as Minority owned and controlled, and you should not complete the application until such time as the criteria can be met.

Business Information Needed

  1. Website

  2. EIN

  3. Dunn & Bradstreet (DUNS) Number (9 Digits)

  4. Business Physical address

  5. Legal Structure recognized by the IRS (Tax Star Mobile, LLC can assist with this)

  6. Legal Structure recognized by the State

  7. Legal structure : as identified when filing Federal Taxes


  9. Number of employees (part-time/full-time)

  10. Number of minority employees (part-time/full-time)

  11. Annual Sales: Annual sales for the last 3 fiscal years (if in business less than 1 year enter in the gross receipts to date, and zero for other two years.)

Documents Needed

  1. Birth Certificate, Current Passport or Naturalization Papers

  2. Driver’s License

  3. SSN

  4. Resumes of all owners, directors, partners, officers & key personnel (education, employment past & present)

  5. Current Bank Statements for all deposit accounts and loan statements

  6. Signature cards authenticated by financial institutions

  7. Bank Resolutions

  8. Documentation of how company was capitalized (meets corporate compliance)

  9. Financial Statements for 3 years or for time Applicant has operated. Include balance sheet, profit & loss statement; if less than 1 year, certify by highestranking officer, manager or partner of Applicant and include opening balance sheet & projection of income

  10. Financial Statement of any affiliates of Applicant in existence in 12 preceding months

  11. Assumed/Fictitious Name Certificate

  12. Authority to conduct business in state and/or Certificate of Good Standing issued by Secretary of State

  13. Articles of Incorporation/Organization & Amendments filed with Secretary of State

  14. Bylaws & Amendments certified by Secretary of corporation (should have been completed at the time of business registration)

  15. Operating Agreement (LLC)/Partnership Agreement

  16. Statement of Information filed with Secretary of State listing officers, directors, managers, members or general partners

  17. Copies of all stock certificates, front & back, ever issued including those that are canceled, transferred and surrendered and any stock assignments separate from certificate relating to canceled shares which are not endorsed on back

  18. Stock Register for Applicant or stock ledgers showing listing of share issuance

  19. Minutes of corporate shareholders and directors meetings or written consent to actions without meetings within twelve months preceding the date of this application, including minutes reflecting board resolutions appointing directors and officers, certified by secretary as true and correct copy of validly held meeting and original organizational minutes and any subsequent minutes which record changes in ownership, control and/or management

  20. Shareholder or voting agreements, if any

Once you gathered all your paperwork and documentation, you can start your application on Please note that Tax Star mobile, LLC provides Business incorporating services and documentation prep for this application.

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