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Hire Your Weaknesses

Updated: Jun 15, 2021

As a new entrepreneur, you are most likely running every facet of your business. More than likely it is because you are waiting to generate enough revenue to either hire a skillful employee or contract out for services. Sometimes this process can delay your business growth because you are running yourself too thin.

The consideration of consulting with those who are experienced in your industry, such as a mentor, or paying for advisement sessions from an Accountant, Business Lawyer, Marketing Specialists, or other licensed, certified, degreed professional to help set up your business would save you a lot of money in "blooper costs." Blooper Costs are costs (fines, penalties, interests, operating capital waste) that could have been avoided if you would have consulted with a skilled professional who has the experience and knowledge base before taking shots in the dark or trial and error. Now, when an entrepreneur has enough revenue to begin the process hiring employees, it’s not unusual for them to remain active in the roles they fill. This level of involvement stems from a place of habit. But by micromanaging, you are not giving new hires the space and freedom to work independently, therefore contributing to the delay of your business growth.  Here are some team building tips: “Strengths and Weaknesses” List

To determine where you need the most help, ask yourself these questions.

- What responsibilities do I enjoy most (where is your passion)? - What comes naturally to me that doesn’t feel like work? - What tasks do I dread? - What areas cause me the most anxiety or frustration?” Take Your Time Vetting Candidates

Investing ample time to thoroughly interview potential candidates will instill confidence in how your business is being run. Consider going beyond the scopes of a resume. Create an interviewing environment where you can put the skills listed on their resume to the test. For example, if meeting in a public setting, you may want to observe how they interact with others. You may also want to prepare scenario questions to see how capable they are with using their skillset to problem solve. If your business is in a startup phase, it’s important to hire people who can roll with the punches and take on other roles if needed.

Set Your Expectations, Then Map Out A Strategic Plan

Communication is key when building out your dream team. It’s your job to articulate your objective for every new hire as well as your long term vision for the company. Your team will feel empowered to do their best work when they are given proper direction and know what is expected of them. Get out the way and then Check In 

Once you give a clear direction and timelines to accomplish projects, get out the way. Micromanaging will only cause confusion, slow down workflow and most likely get on the nerves of your team. If you continue to perform someone else’s job, you can't focus on the opportunities to grow your business. Check -In. Getting out the way doesn't mean turn a blind eye. It mean to delegate and let go. But you would still want to monitor progress. If someone is making legitimate mistakes, kindly address it in the moment and suggest ways they can fix the issue. And always verbally acknowledge work well done. Positive reinforcement will not only motivate your team, it will also make them feel like valuable assets to the company.

Team Building Resources

Mentorship : SCORE is a non-profit organization to help small business owners.

Legal Team - Legal Shield offers affordable legal representation for small growing business. Document review, Collection letters to customers, letters and calls on behalf of your business, and general consultation regarding legal business matters without having to pay large hourly rates, and a discount for all other services.

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