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Financial and Credit Education

  • 30 minutes
  • Phone Appointment

Service Description

Many individuals claim to offer credit repair services, but not all are authorized to do so. Each state has a regulation on who can fix your credit, some of which require bonding. Allowing unknowledgeable people to take a shot at your credit can cause more harm than good by: - Over priced services or charging upfront fees where they are not supposed to. - Having things deleted that hurts your credit history. (what you thing is bad may not be bad) - Compromising your identity buying giving your social to a potentially fraud credit repair person. - Purchasing trade-ins from strangers who may be participating in fraud, or raise fraud suspicion from lenders if they find you are misrepresenting your credit. - Encouraging you to sell your tradelines when your credit card agreement forbids it. This will cause you to lose your credit card and it will have a negative reporting on your credit. - You can be charged as an accomplice if the stranger you sell your tradeline to commits acts of fraud. - Encouraging you to use a CPN and a 2nd identity, which is illegal. With a dual plan membership of LegalShield and IDShield, you now receive the bonus benefit of Credit Counseling & Education. With this new benefit you will get advice on managing your finances to maintain or develop healthy credit. In addition, your LegalShield provider law firm will now advocate for you in the complicated world of credit matters, including sending a letter to the credit bureaus on your behalf when a bona fide error is found. With this full-service credit approach, we review your expenditures to help you identify unnecessary spending habits that could negatively affect your credit.

Cancellation Policy

To reschedule or cancel, please CALL and TEXT at least 24 hrs in advanced. Please leave a message if I do not answer. Please avoid no call/no show's.

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