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DIY Tax Preparation

With the new tax law changes and the confusion thereof, it is expected to be a lot of errors in tax reporting over the next couple of years. Last filing season, there were a lot of complaints (not by Tax Star Mobile Clients) about having to owe more than usual. Welp, more than likely these people chose not to consult with a professional to make the adjustments they needed to make during the year to avoid such an outcome.

But many taxpayers STILL insist to self prepping their returns. Many just want to save the cost of hiring a professional, or reduce tax preparation down to data entry because they themselves are used to following prompts on a computer screne. Basic Tax prep is easy if all you have is a w2 and maybe a kid or two. But thigs can get intricate very quickly in cases when you have changes in income, household size, types of income, and so on. You can't call free file software to seek advisement on changes that will affect your financial goals.

Self prep is not recomended for those who have complex financial situations. If for some reason you decided to go that route, please watch out for these common errors:

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