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Annnd We Have a Start Date!

Hello Tax Stars ! ! ! !

The first day of the tax season will be February 12th, 2021 as per the IRS news release. As a practice, we all encourage you to wait until you have received all your income tax documents, investment income documents, constructed all of your business income and expenses in a statement, Up-to-date IDs, and dependent information together before scheduling an appointment.


- No you cannot use your last paystub to file your taxes. 1- It is not legal.2. It is not always accurate.

- If you didn't get the first round stimulus, you may claim it on your tax return as a credit.

- to check the status of both payouts, click here

- You must fill out the client sheet EVERY YEAR. even if nothing has changed. It is required by the IRS that taxpayers verify their contact information and give permission to have their taxes prepared.

- How do I submit forms?: Download the App here.

- As we advise every filing season, Have your GOALS outlined. If you wish to qualify for a home loan, vehicle loan, or any other big purchase, your chances of approval will be based on proven income AFTER EXPENSES. Loan qualification will be stricter after the covid disaster.

If you want to get out of debt, pull your credit and or tax transcripts for possible bad debts, so a plan can be outlined.

- No gimmicks. We do not offer TVs, toasters, tablets, etc..Our prices are comparable with Accounting Firms, tax franchises, and credentialed tax preparers (fly by night or street tax offices not included) and below market rate. The outlandish fees charged by other companies is how they may pay for gimmicks. We show you how to become financially stable so you can buy those things without getting into bad debt, or how to make your money make money for you. Whichever you prioritize.

- No paid referrals. We like to keep things honest and genuine. Paid referrals implies that the testimony is not authentic. However, each year a few are selected for free tax preparation for spreading the word, reading and commenting on the website blogs, and forwarding marketing emails.

- Affiliate business to business options are available for Tax Star Mobile, LLC Services for your clients are available.

We look forward to serving you this season!

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